there was a problem with my credentials

  • 1 February 2023
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Hi everybdy,

I’m trying to do login in a web page. I can’t access to my credentials:

login with credentials
problem with credentials

How can I fix this error?? Why I get error in line #0 if there isn´t line #0 in my code??

A lot of thanks :)



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7 replies

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Hi @pablo 2030 ,


You can check two things here. 

  1. Check whether the Runner user has Locker_Consumer privilege. If not, create one and assign it to the User.


  1. If this User is the Locker Participant, check whether you have given the Credentials in the Credentials Request page under Manage → Credentials
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Thanks for your reply @Padmakumar 

Can you explain me how to check my privileges (Locker_Consumer privilege) ??


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Thanks for your reply @Padmakumar 

Can you explain me how to check my privileges (Locker_Consumer privilege) ??



This role will not be there at first. So, you can either create one or can add below mentioned features to any of the Custom role which you have already created. Later, just add this role to the User if it is not assigned yet.


  1. View dashboards.
  2. View my activity.
  3. Manage my credentials and lockers.
  4. Create standard attributes for a credential.
  5. Create standard attributes for a credential.
  6. View and manage my Bot runners, Bot creators and device pools.


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 maybe the Locker_Consumer privilege doesn’t exists in Community Edition (only in professional).  is this true??

my unique user has the privileges:

and I can’t create additional users:


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@pablo 2030 

  {"code":"","details":null,"message":"Access is denied"}
cred error.png


Checked and found the user was not having locker consumer role assigned to access the credentials.


The solution is to add the RunAsUser to the custom role that has locker consumer permission and then the bot needs to be deployed.
Assign the User locker consumer role who wants to access the credential variables.

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@pablo 2030 

Try to recreate the Credentials and test them again. 


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Thanks for your replies:

@Raul Jaimes,

I remake the same robot, i’m still without access to my credential (user):

If I set “normal” text (keystrokes) the bot runs OK, but if I use credentials the bot fails 🤔. What’s the problem???


I needed to edit my locker and add my role as consumer, now the bot runs OK with my credentials¡¡¡¡

edit locker