The bot needs to run with administrative privileges to make changes to a service.

  • 22 August 2023
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I need to create a bot working with Windows Services, after testing some of them…, I am getting the following error message.

“The bot needs to run with administrative privileges to make changes to a service.”

the issue is that I can not find how to give the adm privileges to my bot runner.

Any help appreciated.


Best answer by ravi.pothana 22 August 2023, 15:49

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5 replies

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Hi @Jose Marin,

Ideally the bot agent needs to be installed by an user who have admin privileges, this will provide the bot agent the administrative privileges to make changes to a service.

Also ensure the bot agent service is running on “local system”

Article to refer:

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Hi Ravi,

Thks for your reply.., I already had installed the bot agent with the permissions, but I cotinue with the issue…,

Any other idea you may have?


José Marin.

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Hi Jose,

Can you please upload the screenshot of the error message and the logs of the bot agent.

Log file locations:

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@Jose Marin : your bot id should have full read and write access for the botagent installation directory, you do no not need complete admin access for whole VDI / runner machine.

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Good morning,

Thks to all of you for your ideas/solutions…, Have tested the bot with an user with the permissions as admin and worked as expected, now we ae worwing in checking the pemissions to give the minimun required in order to have it running…

Again, Thks for pointing / giving me to the solution.