Skip steps or go back to previous steps when "If" condition obtains

  • 14 February 2023
  • 2 replies

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Hi All, 

I am working on a bot that if two cell values are equal then the bot would hopefully skip a step. I’ve got the If condition entered, but I am not sure what action I could use in order for that if the current cell is equal to the previous cell, then the bot would skip one step to process the next step. Is there a skip line, or skip step action that can be put after the If step?


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2 replies


Hello @Brobert , 

If you just want to skip the message box at line number 14 then you can create an else section inside your IF and place the message box inside the else. The number increment you can keep under your IF section.



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HI @shibashis001 thank for taking the time to reply. This is very helpful. 

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