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  • 28 April 2023
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I’m tryng to create a new bot, but i can not read an xslx. file. by using the session name “Input”. Here is the message that i’m receiving by passing from the command “Get Multiple Cells” * There is a Problem at line six. This may be due to the following reason: Unable to find any open session 'input';

Can someone help me on this case with some urgency?

4 replies

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Hi @Muk 7438 ,

The name you gave the session when you opened it.

For your case, you have to update input as session name for a both place.


Or you can continue with default session  


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Hello, thank you for answare @Tamil Arasu10 


I’m still doing what you have explained by the name of the session in the both place of action command’s (Open / Get Multiple Cells) in the first time with “Input”, and now i’m trying with “Default - Local Session”, but continues the same messagem of error. Follow the evidences.


Thank you very much for helping.

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@Muk 7438 

Use Excel advanced to open an Excel file. In the second screenshot you are using Excel Basic: Open. 



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Thank you @Raul Jaimes it works!