Invalid argument supplied to 'record', index '1' is invalid or out of bound.

  • 21 December 2022
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4 replies

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Hi @GuangRui.Z2 ,


Kindly share a bit more details on this like when and where you are getting this error.


If you are getting this while looping through an Excel file, please change the Index value to 0 as the Index in Excel file is staring from zero.

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The index you provided is not valid or there is no data at that index.


please check the variable if it has data and also generally index starts from 0 if you have only one value then ideally index will be 0 and not 1



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So if we are looping through a list which is fetched every time from external source, it has different number of values each time. Sometimes List has 1 value, sometimes 2 or more. I tried to verify with ‘If’ string condition to check if list[1] = empty or not but the above error is coming. How do we proceed?

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Found the solution! Used List:size to fetch the number of values and used If -number condition to verify.