How to get the current system date in the Automation Anywhere community edition (build 9604)?

  • 6 July 2021
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Hello Team,


I want to extract the current system date but I am not found such action in the DateTime package, So how can I get the current system date.

Please help me.

Thank you...

6 replies

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Hi @Jitendriya Pardia​ ,


  • Select the source date-time variable as System: Date
  • Convert date time variable as a string "Here you can custom date formats" If required.




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Hi @Jitendriya Pardia​ ,


Simply type in $ and that will trigger the Intellisense.

To get the System date, type in $System:Date$ and you are good to go.



But this is rarely of use, since we can't use inline operations to convert that DateTime to string, so the approach would be to use the DateTime: To String Action to first convert it to string, or if you simple want to use it in an If Condition, you don't have to assign it to a separate variable.


Kind Regards,

Ashwin A.K



Hi @Jitendriya Pardia​ Under system variable you can find Date variable.

And under DateTime package you can use 'to string' command to convert system date time to required format.​

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Thank you @santoshkumar sabat​ @Ashwin A.K​ @venkata kancharla​ @Tamil Arasu​ 

for the quick reply and your support.


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I just want to say thank you so much. You helped me a lot with your post.

Best regards,