How to get Column Names from Data Table

  • 21 June 2023
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I have a bot that accepts a Data Table as an input.  I need to loop through the Data Table and get both the column names as well as the cell values so I can craft a JSON body.  Getting the cell values is straightforward however I cannot figure out how to get the column names.  Any tips?


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4 replies

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are you sure the data table is getting passed in with column names?  this may not be very eligant but if you write the file to a csv or txt file and the open the file without the “contains header checked” then the first record will contain the column names.



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I also see that the basic excel has a get column name function so perhaps you write the data table to csv open in with basic excel (which is a light weight excel reader) and use get column name function followed by a loop for the values.


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Appreciate those suggestions!  Ultimately I suppose I could just add the column names as the first row of data and handle that logic.  Kind of a weird hoop but it works!  Thank you!


In case you have an option to use csv:

Just imported a csv to a data table and the first row was only headers. Screen shot shows data in first 3 columns at row index 0. 

Hope this helps!