Hi, I am facing the below error when I am trying to do a single element capture with Recorder->Capture using Community Edition A2019. "Error performing single capture ..recorder has experienced an internal error.please stop recording and try again"

My laptop configurations are given below:

Win-8.1, Chrome latest with 100%zoom.


Any help would be appreciated.



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Hi @Ramesh Panthangi​,


You need to log a support ticket to fix this error.

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Hi @Ramesh Panthangi​ , I helped a partner resolve this issue earlier. Try using IE as the browser for the recording and re-test. Failing that log a support call.

Thanks Smith for the reply. I tried with IE and it's working fine.

Hi, I'm having the same issue, I'm trying to do a capture of the text box in whatsapp web and the "error performing single capture" appears, but I can't work with IE because Whatsapp web is not compatible with IE. I updated the Chrome version Versión 83.0.4103.106 (Build oficial) (64 bits), I use Windows 10 Home, Community Edition versión A2019 (Compilation 4111). How can I fix this?


I have found that Chrome no longer works with the recorder in Community edition. I am now using Firefox.

I have the same issue with both Internet explorer and Chrome. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this? I would appreciate the help.


I have the same problem, but with any window like Excel and Google. none of these windows recognize the recorder.

any other ideas to solve the problem? I would be grateful.



I am also having this same issue. Last Friday the bot was able to run 100% perfectly fine and now the bot will get frozen at any action that involves recording. Google Chrome is needed to perform what the bot needs to do.

same issue here, yesterday was working fine but today can't capture. All jobs has been affected. Please help


I have problem with recorder option in my laptop. Recorder option does not complete 100%