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  • 13 November 2023
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I installed the program and had to uninstall it. When I came back to install it again it appeared as in the example. How can I fix it?

3 replies

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@mewky The easiest answer is to take your AutomationAnywhereBotAgent.msi file that is being downloaded and place it in the folder specifed in "Use source:" location. If that "Use source:" location no longer exists then just recreate that folder path and place that .msi file in there. After that you just install it like you already are.

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@Steven440   Thank you very much.. I will try it out..


I have the same problem as the picture. But the file that is downloaded is AutomationAnywhereBotAgent.exe and it is asking for AutomationAnywhereBotAgent.msi format file.
I tried to do it as you said in the comments. It is still having the same problem.