Excel conflict names when opening file

  • 3 February 2024
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Hi, my name is Alexandre and I have built a bot that opens and updates an Excel spreadsheet. I am using the “advanced Excel” resource and, til some time ago, it was working fine, but now a problem is happening and I can not use the bot anymore.

When oppening the Excel file, a message “conflict names” appears and if I try to fill a name, whatever it be, it is not accepted and message persists. If I cancel, Excel closes and bot fails.

I have found other topics about this problem, but none of them have a solution, but I could not accept this, because it is surely an AA problem. When oppening the file manually, there is no problem, just through the bot it happens.

Please, could you really help me solve this?

Thanks in advance.

1 reply

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About keeping the same language in AA and Excel, both of them was set with Portuguese, but it still was not working.

Just when I set AA and Excel with English language, so the bot works normally. Then here is the secret.

But I understand this is not a definitive soution, just a workaround and Automation support should provide a better resolution.