Can we assign single Runtime license to primary and secondary recourse

  • 16 January 2023
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Hi All,


Will it possible to assign signal runtime license to primary and secondary resource?

For eg: If primary resource is absent can same runtime license will be assigned to secondary resource for execution. or both resource need 2 different license  



5 replies

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Hi @Sujitha 9629 ,


Single Runner license can’t be allocated to multiple Runner users. If you need, you can remove the License from one User and then can be allocated to the other one. Otherwise, you should be having 2 separate licenses for 2 runner users.


I hope this is clear.

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Thank you @Padmakumar for your comments, Any suggestions on how to create Bot id and assign bot runner license


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Hi @Sujitha 9629 

Checkout below tutorial for creating a user/bot id and assign relevant license.


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@Sujitha 9629 Create a secondary user in your organization, add that user in control room as a licensed user share number of resources to use this user in case if you wanted to share one license with multiple resources to use.

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@rbkadiyam Thanks for your comments, but still I am confused can you explain it in detail, bcoz in many of our deals we required this bot id to implement, and I understand it’s admin who can create it.