Bot not correctly working in unattended mode on a virtual runner machine.

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I have created a Bot to send out mails and the body of the mail contains Table with multiple rows and columns.

For this Bot will create one text file and enter html mail body by looping over the rows in input file(Excel), then it will copy the available data from text file and paste it into the Message box of the “Email:Send” command.

The above function worked well in my machine (dev machine), but while running it in runner machine on unattended mode, the bot copying the data directly from input file instead of copying from text file.

If you know the solution, it will really help me to proceed further.


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Best answer by Raul Jaimes 26 May 2023, 04:58

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@KabilanBose use data table rather than file to store data before sending in email

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@rbkadiyam can we use data table in html mail body?

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You can use the section HTML Code in the  Send action. Use Loop action to build you html table.  Save all your HTML code in a string variable(s) and set it in the HTML section. 





It will look as below



email html