Automating Remote Desktop

  • 30 March 2023
  • 2 replies


Is it true that only Enterprise Version of AA is able to automate processes on remote desktop?

I am trying to do data entry from excel into my accounting software, Sage300, which is installed i remote desktop.

So far I am using Community Edition and not able to do the automation.

I am new to AA. Hope to receive your advice. Thank you.

2 replies

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@NgTeckGuan  it should not be the case… what error you are getting ?

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@NgTeckGuan -- Please check if the Automation Anywhere Bot agent is installed on your remote Citrix machine.

If you want to automate non object base automation, try using AIsense recorder.


This should help. DO let me know if your issue is fixed or still facing the same challenge than please drop the error screenshot for our reference.


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