An unexpected problem occured during taskbot deployment

  • 1 February 2023
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Hi, Good day! Does someone here has an idea on how to fix this error “ An unexpected problem occurred” ? I can’t successfully run a taskbot in botcreator because of this prompt error. I don’t know where it started and how to fix this. So I’m here asking for your help and guidance. Thanks in Advance.


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4 replies


Can you please elaborate when are you getting this error exactly?

Are you getting it right after clicking the Run Bot button at the top of your screen?

Also please check if your storage drive in your computer in not full


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Hi @Shusha321 ,


Try either of the below steps and see whether any of them is helping or not.


  • Go to System services and Restart the Automation Anywhere Bot Agent Service.


  • Instead of Restarting, just Stop the service then wait for 15-30 seconds and Start the service again.


  • Try re-installing the Bot Agent after clean uninstallation.
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@Shusha321 Remove automation anywhere folder under 


Then restart your machine.



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Check if you are able to open manually the file or  if it isn’t opened.

Move the file to another location like C:\test\DRAFT1.xlsx in order to identify if the blank spaces or hyphens are a error factor