AARI extraction bot fails to deploy

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Hello everyone,


I have built a bot that creates AARI processes (package : Process Composer : Create a Request).

I then see the created request, but it fails a few seconds later, with the message “Extraction bot failed. Please check activity/audit logs for more details.

When I go to the Audit logs, I see this message :

There was a problem at line 1 This may be due to the following reason: An unexpected error occurred. java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Failed to fetch learning instance. Please contact system administrator. To continue, edit the bot and fix the error. Then, try again. If you continue to see this message, please contact your system administrator.

I am using the cloud version of Automation Anywhere, https://<myinstance> and bots run perfectly either on my local device or on a runner.

What can be the problem ?


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Hi @Augustin ,


Step1: Check if the input provided matches with the type of variable/command used in the Bot.

Step2: If step 1 looks good, try reinstalling the bot agent. i faced similar java i/o exception error I fixed it by deleting the device and reinstalling the bit agent.


Give it a try and let me know if it works.



Happy Automation

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Hi @Shoeb Shk ,

Thanks for your answer. The bot was auto-generated as a Document Workspace Automation bot.

Here is a screenshot of the creation of the process. Do you think it looks correct (everything else works fine in this bot) ?

I will try reinstalling the bot agent and will let you know it this solves the problem.


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I have reinstalled the bot agent and the problem is still there.

If I manually choose to process the document in the learning instance page, the bots do not fail to deploy.  I am not sure this is linked to the bot agent, I would guess a problem of license/role/permission ?

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Your issue needs to be investigated in detail!

Please use the below link to create a Support Case and we will be glad to get in touch and help further!


How to create a support case :


If you don't have access to the link, please email the AA Support team at "" to request access.



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I have opened a ticket, I will let you know the result

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The support was fast to respond, my problem is that I lacked the IQ Bot Servies Roles in the bot runner account, plus a good repartition of devices in the device pool (local vs on runner)