AA is not identifying HVR Window objects - AA identifying only windows each section as one object.

  • 17 April 2023
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Hi Team,


I am automating HVR windows application by using AA, but AA is not able to identify the windows objects individually. It is identifying each windows section as one object not identifying objects inside the section.

Time being, I am automating purely by coordinates through recording option but it is failing most of the times and also in other systems because off coordinates.

I tried with all the given Recording options as shown in below last pic.







Best answer by Shoeb Shk 17 April 2023, 07:37

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4 replies

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Hello @smallela ,


Try recording the steps!


If the recording is also not working than its the portal issue.



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@Shoeb Shk  I worked with recording option only. By using recording only AA is capturing the objects purely based on  coordinates. By using Capture object, I couldn’t able to capture the required object itself.

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Okay! This is the issue with your “Application”. 

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@Shoeb Shk it is windows application, is there any way to get xpath for windows objects?