Bot Games Season 2: Cyber Loss Prevention Intro

  • 21 April 2022
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Challenge Objective


The Cyber Loss Prevention team at Eagle One Financial has reached out to you for help: They need your Automation Anywhere skills to help the company combat credit card fraud when major credit card leaks are dumped on the dark web. Help the team by scraping all the leaked credit card numbers available for sale at "Ryan's Club", run them against a database of Eagle One Financial customers to identify if any of Eagle One's customers have been impacted, and capture the details for each impacted customer in a CSV so that Eagle One Financial can proactively deactivate and re-issue cards for impacted customers.


Challenge Link:




We'll be very upfront: this is a HARD challenge. It's also been designed to make sure that people follow the instructions, and not try to cheat for an insanely fast time.


  1. You HAVE to launch Ryan's Club by clicking the button on the challenge page itself...if you launch it early or try to use a dataset that you already captured, it won't work... You HAVE to follow this instruction.
    1. When you report that the challenge page isn't working, don't be surprised if someone sends you a link sending you back to this specific instruction. Make sure you only have one instance of the challenge page up, which launches one instance of Ryans club.
  2. The Credit Card Dump on Ryan's club is NOT the same every time it loads.
    1. This is done to make sure you can't just solve the challenge once and keep uploading the same dataset. It doesn't work that way. Every time you load the challenge page and hit Ryan's club to scrape the Credit Card Dump, it's going to be a dynamic set of leaked CC's.
  3. Check your SQL query.
    1. Download SQLiteStudio if you want in order to practice your select statement...if this part of your bot isn't working, you'll never get a 100% make SURE that your query is working and not accidentally capturing too many or too few customers.


Extra Tips:


  • Think through how you might do this if you had to do it all manually and try to translate some of that into what the bot might do.
  • Try to solve it once...even if it's not the most efficient code in the world, then you can go back and try to improve processing time.


Sharing Your Results


Once you've successfully completed the challenge, share a screenshot of your results on social using the hashtags #BotGames and tag 3 other RPA developers who you challenge to complete this exercise. We want to celebrate your accomplishment as well, so our social team will be looking for individuals who share their results on social media (and tag/challenge others) throughout the month of April to reward them with limited edition Bot Games swag. So complete each challenge and share your results for each week's challenge to increase your chances of being selected.


Generating your Certificate


Knocked this one out? Awesome - Download your Cyber Loss Prevention completion certificate from our Challenge Page Validation app. Just fill in one of your success GUIDs from this challenge along with your name and email, and you can show off that you nailed this one!!




Admittedly, something feels slightly dangerous about this challenge.... which makes it a bit more fun right? Like all of our challenge pages, there's more than one way to solve this - so even if you get it built, play around with different approaches to see how that impacts the reliability of your bot and the outcomes it can achieve.


Finally, if you tried this challenge and are getting stuck, don't worry! We'll be back on Thursday with a challenge page tutorial session where we'll be doing a full bot build to demonstrate one of the ways to solve this challenge. Best of luck! Go Be Great!

5 replies


Just now completed the challenge! 🥳 It was awesome.

By the way, I was curious to know where the GUID is on the completion screen, but couldn't find it.


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Hi, Challenge link is not working

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Link of my solution :

Thank you @Micah.Smith 

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Nicely done @Ahmedhd ! Thanks for sharing your solution!