What’s New in the Automation Success Platform .32

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What’s New in the Automation Success Platform .32

We're excited to announce the release of Automation 360 .32, packed with groundbreaking features designed to improve your automation workflows. We're always listening to your feedback and striving to up our game to help you tap into the latest and greatest in intelligent automation.

Ready to explore what’s new? Let's dive into the top five features of the .32 release.

Top 5 Features of the .32 Release:

GenAI Enhanced Document Automation: Effortlessly extract table data from various documents.
Generative Recorder: Minimize business disruptions and improve dev productivity.
GenerativeAI Command Packages for Google Gemini and Open AI Assistant: Low code, plug-and-play access to cutting-edge innovation.
Connector Builder and API-Based Automation: Create and customize API-based connector packages with ease.
Desktop Automations in Process Composer: Leverage local execution of Bot Tasks in process composer for Automation Co-Pilot users.

GenAI Enhanced Document Automation

Say goodbye to tedious manual data extraction from documents. With GenAI enhanced Document Automation, extracting table data from various documents is now effortless. Our integration with GenAI simplifies the extraction process, eliminating the need for complex training or configuration. Enjoy versatile document compatibility and flexible data extraction methods, empowering you to extract valuable insights from contracts, reports, invoices, and more.

Generative Recorder

Ensure automation resiliency in web-based scenarios with Generative Recorder. This feature significantly improves automation resiliency by adapting to changes in web applications, minimizing business disruptions caused by upgrades or modifications. With Generative Recorder, developers can focus on new automation opportunities, while GenAI recommendations automatically update UI element paths, ensuring seamless automation execution.

GenerativeAI Command Packages for Google Gemini and Open AI Assistant

Unlock the power of advanced AI models with native command packages for Google Gemini and Open AI Assistant. Seamlessly integrate these AI models into your automation workflows to enhance productivity and drive innovation. With simplified integration and expanded AI automation capabilities, you can leverage AI across various data types, including text, images, audio, video, and code.

Connector Builder and API-Based Automation

Integrate any SaaS app or service with our Connector Builder Tool. Create custom connectors without Java dependencies in minutes, enabling rapid creation and flexible package management. With API-based automation, developers can run API tasks directly from the Control Room, accelerating development timelines and enhancing automation agility.

Desktop Automations in Process Composer

Execute automations locally on the desktop of Automation Co-Pilot users, ensuring data compliance and rapid response times for customer service use cases. With desktop activities running in child windows, users can work in parallel without disruption, while process orchestration remains seamlessly integrated within Automation Co-Pilot. Enjoy enhanced data security, time-sensitive automation execution, and a true embedded experience in your preferred web application.

Available Now!

The Automation 360 .32 release is available now! Want to dive deep into the granular details of the .32 release? Access the full Release Notes here.

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