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What’s New in the Automation Success Platform .30

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What’s New in the Automation Success Platform .30

It’s once again time for “What’s New in the Automation Success Platform” as the highly anticipated .30 release has arrived! As always, we’re listening to your feedback and raising the bar to continually provide the best product and solutions to meet your needs and allow you to harness the latest innovations in intelligent automation. In this article, you’ll find the product release notes and all the exciting details on the new .30 release. Let’s take a look at what’s new!

Top 5 Features of the .30 Release:

  1. Generative AI for Document Automation: Extract data with GenAI from complex and unstructured documents
  2. Bring Your Own Generative AI Package: Identify and utilize Large Language Models (LLMs) with ease
  3. Developer Experience: Enhance developer experience and improve productivity
  4. Process Composer: Orchestrate complex processes spanning multiple users
  5. Cybersecurity: Gain peace of mind with fortified enterprise security options


Document Automation

Welcome the next generation of Document Automation, now infused with generative AI. This out-of-the-box capability enhances your ability to extract structured, semi-structured, and unstructured document types, solving the problem of labor-intensive and error-prone manual data extraction from free-form text documents. Unlock document data at lightspeed to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and save time and resources.

Check out the new Document Automation + GenAI demo here:


Bring Your Own GenAI Package

Conveniently grouped under the Generative AI command package, you can now natively integrate Large Language Models (LLMs) from hyperscalers, including Google Vertex AI, OpenAI, Azure OpenAI, and Amazon SageMaker. That means saying “goodbye!” to individual RestAPI integrations for each LLM and saying “hello!” to easily summarizing information, extracting information from messy data, and generating communications.

Watch the GenAI Integration demo here:


Developer Experience

We’ve created several tools to enhance the developer experience for citizen and pro developers alike. First, we’ve introduced Automation Templates with which citizen developers can accelerate their work by leveraging a predefined template that suits their use case. Pro developers, on the other hand, can create custom templates to expedite automation development. We also simplified the recording experience to allow developers to initiate recording directly within a business application rather than manually selecting a target window from a list. And, we created personalized views for developers in the Automation Command Center and made getting help easier with in-app access to Pathfinder Community and AAU. All of these features will fuel your developers and unlock effortless scalability and compliance.

Take a look at the Developer Experience enhancements demo here:



Process Composer

Eliminate complex approval and hand-off workflows by automating multi-user approvals in Process Composer. A dedicated approval task can accept parallel approvals, comments, and custom timeouts to streamline use cases like employee onboarding, invoice reception, expense management, and much more. Optimize operational productivity by decreasing the time between approvals and promptly alerting team members within their application of choice, like Salesforce, ServiceNow, SAP, Teams, or custom web apps.

Get a look at a demo of Process Composer here:



We’re pleased to introduce new enterprise security features that allow finely tuned custom user roles to match your organization’s requirements. IT Administrators can now also ensure smooth communication between Control Room-hosted services and external/internal-facing services, even in on-prem deployments, with an active network proxy. Finally, we’ve made OAuth2.0 for SaaS applications available for centralized token lifecycle management and OAuth connections.

Get more info about how we’re enhancing enterprise security here:


Available Now!

The Automation 360 .30 on-prem release is available now, and the Automation 360 cloud will be updated between now and the week of October 23, 2023.

Want to dive deep into the granular details of the .30 release? Access the full Release Notes here.

My team has really been missing the “log variables to file” feature from V11. So glad to see it revived!