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Harness the Power of AI & the Automation Success Platform with the OpenAI Generative AI Bot Store Package

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Harness the Power of AI & the Automation Success Platform with the OpenAI Generative AI Bot Store Package

If you’re not already exploring the possibilities of leveraging Generative AI in your automation program—what are you waiting for? If the answer is because you don’t have the right tools, we have a solution for you! Automation Anywhere integrates with OpenAI’s ChatGPT Enterprise version out of the box via our OpenAI Generative AI Bot Store Package!

This free cutting-edge Bot Store package brings the power of OpenAI's advanced Generative AI technology directly to the Automation Success Platform, and functions with GPT-4, ChatGPT-3.5 Turbo, and GPT-3 models with both OpenAI and Microsoft Azure service providers.

Integration is super simple. This video tutorial will walk you through the initial package setup to get hands-on experience building a test automation using ChatGPT in only 15 minutes.


Customers are already designing solutions combining Generative AI with our Automation Success Platform's capabilities. They have used parsing, understanding, and action capabilities to automate end-to-end, long-running (sometimes continuously running) processes. In one such case, our customer has forecast they will be able to reduce costs and time by 90% when processing user applications!

Some of the top benefits of the package include:

  • Accessing Generative AI-powered automation directly in users’ favorite apps
  • Evaluating free-form text to gain meaning, tone, and intent
  • Building personalized responses to user and customer inquiries
  • Creating articles, news reports, dialogue, or summarizations of content
  • Generating code to increase development and delivery times

There are a bounty of powerful use cases helping our customers cope with the mountain of unstructured information that their organizations process, whether it be email communications, documents, or knowledge repositories. Furthermore, with an automated flow combining our Document Automation—which uses pre-trained domain-specific models to extract semantics and ChatGPT—it is possible to extract and act on the specific information needed rather than struggle with inconsistent patterns to find the right information. This combination will get even more powerful with more multi-modal models like GPT-4.

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