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Get Your Hands On Automation & AI at Bot Games Season 4 AI Edition - Challenge #3

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Get Your Hands On Automation & AI at Bot Games Season 4 AI Edition - Challenge #3

You’ve Arrived at Bot Games Season 4 - AI Edition!


You’ve arrived at our third and final challenge of Bot Games Season 4 - AI Edition! Who doesn’t love some friendly competition? We're challenging you to showcase not only your automation building abilities, but also your proficiency in crafting well-designed prompts of generative AI models that elicit the desired responses in the appropriate format. The spotlight is on the potential of Generative AI, and we're excited to witness how you can harness that power to develop integrated automation solutions. So get ready to flex your creative muscles and show us what you've got.

New to Bot Games? Bot Games is a global competition that challenges developers to build automations that can solve realistic business challenges in free-to-use, scored, and timed environments. Head to our Bot Games HQ here for more information.

Challenge #3 Introduction


You’re almost to the finish line! For the final use case challenge, we’re aiming to showcase how a Generative AI model can enhance automation resilience. When target applications are updated, the object paths for elements may change, requiring updates to the corresponding automations. By utilizing a Generative AI provider like ChatGPT (or any other provider of your choosing), we can input the source code of a web page and request object paths for all the necessary elements. These paths can then be used to automate interactions with the web page.

For more details and tips to get started, visit the Challenge #3 Use Case page.

Challenge #3 Objective

A financial services company called Spacely wants to add details of its corporate customers to a new Saas-based customer relationship management system (CRM). Because it's an application they subscribe to and don't own, updates to the application can come without warning - making automating data entry challenging.

Download the spreadsheet from the challenge page and enter each customer's information. Click 'Add' after entering each customer's details to commit them to the CRM and 'Submit' once all customers have been entered. Be careful, sometimes their CRM intake interface changes without warning!


Use Generative AI to keep your automation running! Identify the object path for each element as changes to the application occur to ensure your automation can continue entering the corresponding data.

Challenge #3 Tips

  • The quality of your prompts determine the quality of the responses you can expect to receive from ChatGPT. Spend some time optimizing/refining your prompts if you aren’t getting the results you expect. Furthermore, you may need to actually get more specific with your prompts - telling ChatGPT exactly what you’re looking for as far as a response. We’ll share with you the exact prompt we used in the solution tutorial.


Challenge #3 Solution Tutorial


The OpenAI Generative AI Package is really the brains behind this build (or at least it should be if you built it how we intended 😜). It can work with GPT-4, ChatGPT-3.5 Turbo, and GPT-3 models with both OpenAI and Microsoft Azure service providers to enable your automation to prompt and receive responses from these Large Language Models (LLMs). In the case of this challenge, we’re sending ChatGPT some of the source code of our page, and asking it to identify the DOMXPaths associated with the fields we’re targeting.

View the full solution tutorial video here and get more details on the various packages and approaches that can be utilized to solve this challenge.

Bot Games Season 4 Wrap Up


The future is here, and it is automated. Bot Games Season 4 showed us all a glimpse into what's possible when human creativity combines with artificial intelligence. The ingenuity of the participants brought generative AI and automation into harmonic convergence, accomplishing together what neither could do alone.

Did you miss the chance to tackle either of the first two challenges? You can access all 3 challenges, as well as solution tutorials, from our Bot Games HQ.

Our deepest thanks to everyone who joined us on this journey of discovery. You are the pioneers charting the course for organizations ready to embrace the full power of integrated automation. The bots you built this season are more than code and automations—they are the precursors of an automated future where intelligent software lifts us up and helps humankind achieve our greatest ambitions.

If you weren’t able to join the competition in real time this season, the challenges will remain open for you to take on when time allows. These are great developmental activities to do together with your team and explore different approaches to reach the best solution for your program.

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