Automation Anywhere + Amazon Web Services: Supercharging AI-Powered Automation, Responsibly

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Automation Anywhere + Amazon Web Services: Supercharging AI-Powered Automation, Responsibly

We’re thrilled to announce that Automation Anywhere and Amazon Web Services (AWS) entered into a multi-year Strategic Collaboration Agreement (SCA). Together, we are collaborating to make AI-powered automation easy, practical, and cost-effective, while ensuring responsible use of this transformative technology. By working together, we’ll empower enterprises to harness the full potential of the Automation Success Platform within their AWS investments. 


Automation + Generative AI: A Transformative Duo

Automation combined with Generative AI is promised to reshape industries, enhance productivity, and drive innovation. The collaboration between AWS and Automation Anywhere brings these transformative technologies to your doorstep. Here's what this means for you:

  • Accelerate your automation journey: If you've been considering AI-powered automation but were unsure where to start, this collaboration provides a clear path forward. You can now harness the full breadth of the Automation Success Platform with the support of AWS, enabling you to accelerate your automation journey.
  • Efficiency at its best: With AI-powered automation, you can streamline complex tasks, reduce manual intervention, and optimize processes. This means improved efficiency, reduced operational costs, and the ability to focus on what truly matters — delivering exceptional customer experiences.
  • Uncover new possibilities: The integration of Automation Anywhere with AWS opens the door to a world of possibilities. It allows you to explore innovative ways to enhance your business operations, from customer service to data analysis, all powered by automation and AI.

McKinsey research finds that Automation + Generative AI will unlock 30% of all hours worked by 2030. AWS and Automation Anywhere are helping you realize this potential, faster.


A Closer Look: First Integration Project Will Drastically Accelerate Handling Time

To illustrate the real-world impact of this collaboration, let's take a closer look at the first solution we're actively working on with AWS — an integration with Amazon Connect.


Imagine service agents who can seamlessly launch intelligent automation directly within Amazon Connect. This integration bridges external applications and personas, enabling service agents to assist customers more efficiently.


Here’s a real-world example:

Let’s say an insurance provider that uses AWS receives an email request for an insurance quote. Generative AI can process the unstructured email to extract any information that can be helpful in providing a quote. From there, Automation Co-Pilot can intelligently orchestrate data look-up and retrieval in Salesforce and before bringing it all back to Amazon Connect for agent review. 


Already the agent has streamlined the process and saved time, but there’s more!


After the agent reviews the case, they can initiate a quote generation workflow via Automation Co-Pilot. Data across systems gets updated. Then, Generative AI drafts custom emails. The agent can review, edit, and personalize this email to their liking before sending it to the customer.


A complex process was simplified into a few simple steps for the agent, helping them boost efficiency. The customer gets a faster response to their inquiry, improving customer satisfaction. Plus, automation can help ensure compliance with regulatory mandates, giving the organization peace of mind. It’s a win for everyone.


The results speak for themselves: 100% average handle time acceleration and streamlined complex case resolution.


This is just the beginning

This new partnership marks a significant step toward a future where automation and generative AI are seamlessly integrated into business operations. It empowers businesses to drive efficiency, enhance customer experiences, and explore new horizons of innovation. We look forward to developing targeted, industry-specific solutions that will completely transform the way companies work across their organization.


As we embark on this exciting journey, we encourage you to explore our solutions on the AWS Marketplace. The possibilities are endless, and together with AWS and Automation Anywhere, you can be at the forefront of this transformative wave.

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