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All About Solution Packs: What Are They & Why Should I Care?

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All About Solution Packs: What Are They & Why Should I Care?

During our Q3 User Groups meetings, we announced the launch and availability of Quick-Start Solution Packages. If you haven’t heard about these fantastic, AI-infused tools, here’s what you need to know.

Quick-Start Solution Packages, aka Solution Packs, are designed to help you leverage generative AI capabilities in content creation, summarization, and natural language comprehension. Each package includes a set of resources to get you up and running in no time, including pre-configured workflow templates, a solution sandbox, recorded demos, and developer kits.

Currently, we’ve developed three tailored solution packs that, based on customer engagement and industry research, address the prime pain areas for organizations across every industry—employee productivity, customer service, and complex document processing. Let’s take a closer look at how each quick-start solution pack can alleviate your tedious tasks and bottlenecks.

1. Employee Productivity Solution Pack

A Harvard Business Review study reported that, because of the increasing complexity of digital work environments, employees spend an average of 9% of their annual time at work swiveling between applications to complete basic tasks. So, it’s no surprise that many customers ask us for tools to optimize and simplify their employees’ work experience, save time on their daily tasks, and democratize automation by leveraging generative AI technology in a safe, controlled manner. With the Employee Productivity Solution Pack, you can give your entire workforce access to automation with generative AI responsibly. We envision this solution pack assisting with common use cases such as internal reporting, time-off requests, help desk requests, work orders, expense reporting, and so much more. Because Automation Co-Pilot embeds directly into web and collaboration apps, your employees can benefit from this pre-configured workflow operating in their primary application to expedite these kinds of daily tasks.

2. Customer Service

According to a McKinsey study, customer service is the leading area for operational improvement, with an estimated 40% productivity gain to be captured if an organization implements generative AI. Naturally, we saw a tremendous opportunity for automation + generative AI to drive significant impact in customer service. So, we designed a quick-start solution package to align with use cases encountered by L1 service triage, customer service desks, and customer support. With the Customer Service Solution Pack, an agent can initiate an AI-powered workflow inside their core work application, such as ServiceNow, and streamline their process, resulting in a happier customer and happier employee. Imagine a 100% reduction in average handle time, 100% data accuracy, and three times capacity increase in ticket processing—you can achieve just that with this quick-start solution pack.

3. Complex Document Processing

With the Complex Document Processing Solution Pack, we have combined generative AI with our innovative Document Automation to help you tackle, as the name alludes, use cases involving complex documents that contain unstructured and semi-structured data. Now, you can quickly extract and process data from contracts, waybills, explanations of benefits, credit reports, bank statements, and more. With applications across every industry, you can leverage this quick-start solution pack to process documents faster, with more accuracy (100% to be exact), and alleviate manual bottlenecks to transform your work into end-to-end process automations.

How to get started with a solution pack

These are not just concepts! These three solution packs are available to download now! Once you download a solution package, you can import the source code into your Control Room to provide your automations with the framework to complete these solutions. You’ll also receive step-by-step guidance with each package to configure the solutions in your own environment, understand the available API call steps, etc. And finally, you can access community support through Pathfinder, as well as our A+ accelerator service. We also formed a dedicated Gen AI community, which you can join and get connected to our extended network of global automation experts.

Best of all, these solution packs are free. So with no cost and a quick implementation, what’s to stop you from streamlining your automations, improving employee experience, and exploring the benefits of generative AI?

By the way—we’ve integrated generative AI into a suite of innovative tools on the Automation Success Platform to power-up your intelligent automation efforts even more. Learn more about these gen AI-powered innovations and how you can harness them to transform your business here.

More Solution Packs Forthcoming

We won’t be stopping with only these three solution packages. We’re already working to develop and release more quick-start solutions that will address additional pain points we’ve observed across industries. We’d love to hear your feedback on how these solution packs work for you and what other quick-start solutions would benefit your operations!

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