Top 5 New Features in Enterprise A2019.18

  • 3 February 2021
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Top 5 New Features in Enterprise A2019.18

The product and development teams at Automation Anywhere have been on a roll with new features and updates coming out with each release. In this post, we'll dive into some of the most popular and most requested features that were newly added with .18 (build 7560).

  1. Discovery Bot

    1. With the .18 release, Discovery Bot enables developers to make smarter and faster decisions when reviewing bot recordings
    2. Users also have the ability to hide sensitive screenshots from the created recordings - opting instead to write detailed descriptions as to not accidentally display PII or other sensitive data
    3. Recorder layout updates mean bigger screenshots and easier to read/review processes
    4. Biggest news of all - Discover Bot is now available as a part of Automation Anywhere Community Edition and the Automation Anywhere Enterprise Free Trial
  2. Enterprise A2019 Platform

    1. Citizen Developer licensing entitlement empowers citizen developers to create and run their own automations
    2. Users with this entitlement can now create and run bots (including bots with triggers) on their own devices
      1. Great for attended automation use cases and utility bots which may be created to serve the citizen developers who create them
    3. For more details on the Citizen Developer license, check out the Enterprise A2019 Licensing details on the documentation portal.
  3. IQ Bot

    1. IQ Bot just got faster and smarter with the introduction of the IQ Bot Extraction package for processing invoices
    2. This feature enables users to extract data from English language invoices with minimal setup required
      1. This allows for a much faster ROI when using IQ Bot to process invoices
    3. Learning instance migration from previous versions of Automation Anywhere has also been improved
    4. For more details on the IQ Bot auto-extraction feature, check out the IQ Bot Extraction package
  4. Bot Insight

    1. Bot Insight data is now accessible from Tableau via the Bot Insight Tableau connector.
    2. Bot Insight dashboard can now be easily imported and exported using Bot Lifecycle Management
    3. Bot Insight license management has also been improved to support the assignment of licenses to users to enable them to view and perform tasks on business dashboards.
      1. These licenses can be assigned directly to a user - irrespective of their assigned roles
  5. AARI

    1. AARI Web package enables bots to perform actions such as assign, query, and cancel tasks.
    2. AARI dashboards are now supported in Bot Insight
    3. AARI admins, managers, and users can now delete AARI requests (using the AARI Web UI)
      1. Admins can delete any request
      2. Managers can delete requests for themselves/their team
      3. Users can delete requests they have created themselves
    4. AARI now supports the automatic assignment of tasks to managers or to the user who initiated the request.
    5. AARI Web package enables the creation of an AARI request directly from a bot.
      1. This means that AARI tasks can now be initiated by bots and sent to humans as opposed to humans queuing up work for bots.
  6. Not-Quite-Top-5 Bonus Feature: Quick Map

    1. Input and output values can now be easily and quickly mapped between parent/child bot with the addition of Quick Mapping
    2. This enables for the automatic mapping of values, and also eliminates the requirement for all child values to be mapped back to a parent in a single dictionary.


Every release on Automation Anywhere Enterprise A2019 brings with it a host of new and exciting features. If you're using Automation Anywhere A2019 Cloud, your environment has most likely already been updated with these new features (check for build 7560 in your Control Room). If you're using Enterprise A2019 on prem, be sure to download and apply the newest features in the .18 release. Haven't tried out the Enterprise A2019 platform yet? Head over to the Enterprise A2019 product page to learn more about product features, request a demo, or try out a free trial. For a full list of release note features - check out the Enterprise A2019.18 Release Notes on the documentation portal.

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