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The Automation Success Framework (ASF)

  • 21 June 2023
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The Automation Success Framework (ASF)
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The Automation Success Framework


I have been maintaining a series of best practice documents on setting up and managing an automation practice using Automation 360. It occurred to me that Community is probably the best place to host and maintain this content. As a result, I am posting all the content on “The Automation Success Framework” here.


The Automation Success Framework is broken down into four separate topics. Please click on each of the links below to explore that particular topic.

(Note that I am currently migrating the content to community, so not all links are enabled right now).

  1. Setting up and configuring your Control Room
  2. Establishing your Automation Centre of Excellence (CoE)
  3. The Automation Lifecycle

Note that there is a considerable amount of interdependency between each of these topics. For example, your choice of model for the automation Centre of Excellence (CoE) will influence how you need to configure the Control Room, and will also influence the roles involved in the Automation Lifecycle

Automation Anywhere are constantly rolling out new functionality that impacts the four categories of best practices listed above. Therefore these are living documents, which will be constantly updated (time permitting) as more functionality is released.    


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