QuickTip: Optimize Your Screen for Bot Building

  • 25 August 2020
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In this session, we'll look at how best to to set up your bot-building interface to maximize your developer space.


Video Recap:

  1. Minimize Tabs

    • Minimize those sections that you don't need open - especially menus that aren't relevant to the task you're currently focusing on

  2. Zoom Control

    • Zoom in/out as needed - some developers specifically build at one-click-out-zoom as it allows them to still read everything while seeing more of their bot at once

  3. Maximize Your Screen

    • In Google Chrome, you can press F11 to maximize the screen (pressing F11 again exits the maximization). Great for making the most of your screen real estate, as well as avoiding distractions during development.

  4. Bonus Tip

    • Use Steps! They are a great way to minimize your code blocks and only show the specific logic you need to focus on.


Be sure to stay tuned to developer.automationanywhere.com for more Quick Tips!

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