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[Product Feedback Opportunity] Automation Templates

  • 27 February 2024
  • 7 replies
[Product Feedback Opportunity] Automation Templates
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Automation 360 provides templates that you can use to quickly create and build new automations. Templates contain a prebuilt automation code structure as per the specific automation use case. To learn more, click here Automation Templates.


Soon, Automation Anywhere will provide predefined templates for common automation use cases. These templates will offer developers a starting point and a sample to explore while building their automations.


Would you like all developers to have access to these predefined templates by default, or should the CoE review them before being made available?


Vote below and share any relevant details & considerations by replying to this thread. 

What is your template access preference?

7 replies

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Option A & Option B are neck and neck in early results. Be sure to vote!

Direct feedback via comments is also highly encouraged - our product leaders are eager to engage on this topic. 

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I would vote for the second option. The very purpose of a Center of Excellence is to standardize and ensure best practices. I think giving a CoE team the ability to enable those templates that fit their automation program makes more sense than the possibility of having to communicate to developers “don’t use this one”.



Answer Option B if CoE is there in Org,

Answer Option A if CoE is not there in the org

so depending on the org structure it will be applicable the answer.


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Hi @nishikanth.n 

Go for option B, which allows the CoE to customize the templates according to the organizational needs. It would also be beneficial to have role-based access control (RBAC) for different departments within the same control room. For instance, the CoE could enable specific templates for the HR department and different ones for the Finance.

With custom ones we are already seeing huge saving in terms of time and code quality. Need more of pre defined ones for Industry specific use cases or common bot frameworks. 


Option C - Not listed - I want everyone to see the templates that exist to generate ideas for themselves but require them to submit a request to the COE to Approve and enable if it correctly fits the need. It’s the best of both, full visibility into the art of the possible and full governance for the COE win win. @Micah.Smith 

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Option B:

CoE review ensures that predefined templates meet organizational standards and align with specific business requirements.

The CoE can tailor templates to specific organizational needs, providing a more customized and optimized experience for developers


Automation 360 and Automation Anywhere offer templates for a quick automation development. These are prebuilt structures cater to a specific use cases, providing developers with a starting point and sample to the expedite for the creation of new automations.its help us for new automation templates. its is useful and informative . thanks for sharingMulesoft Platform Architect