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Plugging in to the Automation Anywhere Pathfinder Community as Your Program Accelerates

  • 22 February 2023
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Plugging in to the Automation Anywhere Pathfinder Community as Your Program Accelerates
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Maybe you’ve been at the automation game for awhile now. You may have hit some bumps along the way, but you’ve also had some wins. You know that nothing feels quite like being able to hit some of your established program goals.

  • Recognized your first $500K in savings?
  • Delivered an automation that’s been a game changer for your organization?
  • Expanded your automation program out to a new functional area?
  • Overcome a key challenge in an area that has been a struggle for your automation program?

All of these accomplishments (among others) represent meaningful milestones in your automation journey - and one of the best ways to celebrate these goals is to share your success story with others.


What Are User Groups?


The Automation Anywhere User Groups are dedicated virtual small group meetings for our customers to connect and share strategies and best practices. Each of these interactive and engaging sessions are centered on a customer presentation.


We know what you’re thinking: a User Group’s not for me.


Before you turn your back on this concept and default to “I don’t have anything interesting to share,” wait. Presenting at an Automation Anywhere User group not only benefits session attendees, it also benefits you - the presenter - as you have the opportunity to demonstrate, and be recognized for, thought leadership in the automation space. Resist the urge to downplay your accomplishments. One of the best ways people learn is from hearing real stories from authentic people who are willing to share the challenges they faced, and how they overcame them. That could be you.


Still not convinced?

Let’s brainstorm.

What is one thing you’ve accomplished recently in your current role or overall within your automation program?

Have you.....

  • tested a new strategy?
  • completely transformed a broken process?
  • implemented a new project management workflow?
  • restructured your team to better align roles and responsibilities?
  • identified an effective way to evangelize your automation program organization wide?
  • discovered a new approach to intake and prioritization?
  • successfully cracked the code on getting executive sponsorship and program engagement?


Accomplished something along those lines?

Great, now that your accomplishment is identified - think back - what was the catalyst that led to that accomplishment?

Did you...

  • inherit an existing infrastructure that needed fine tuning?
  • have a demand vs. resourcing conundrum?
  • get a knock on your door from an executive leader with a new request?
  • notice that there was a lack of organization-wide buy-in?
  • find that your existing workflows were falling short and a new approach was needed?
  • want to grow your program and needed executive sponsorship?


Yea, there’s a good back story there.

As a final step, reflect on:

  • What milestones stand out to you on the journey you took to reach success?
  • What were the lessons learned from that experience that are impacting the work you are currently focused on?


VOILA! You have discovered the user group speaker not-so-secret sauce and have your presentation already outlined.


Where to now?

We want to hear from you! The Automation Anywhere Community Team is ready to connect with you and kickoff your user group speaker journey.
The team offers all speakers support at every stage of the planning process including:

  • 1:1 meeting prep and support - collaborate and fine tune on your presentation content!
  • Presentation templates and guides - no starting from scratch!
  • Dedicated practice - walkthrough the meeting top to bottom so you feel ready to go!

Complete the User Group Speaker Interest Form or reach out via email to and get started. We can’t wait to hear the impact your automation program is having!


Conclusion & Actionable Takeaways


You’ve likely benefited from Automation Anywhere User Groups or Meetups already (if you haven’t, you’re missing out!). One of the best ways to invest in the community that has helped you is by sharing your story. This is good for you - you can demonstrate thought leadership and expertise in navigating challenges associated with automation programs. It’s good for others as well - as they gain from your experience in an effort to improve their own automation programs. The external visibility of your accomplishments and networking benefits of participating in an Automation Anywhere User Group may even lead to new opportunities for you professionally as well - so share your accomplishments!


Actionable Takeaways:

  • If You Haven’t Already, Register for an Automation Anywhere User Group
    • The sessions are short, engaging, and live. They make for a great way to hear from your peers, and may be an energizing force that you need to see a challenge from a new perspective.
  • Think Through Your Story
    • Regardless of sharing at a user group, it’s helpful to be able to clearly articulate the challenges you faced, the accomplishments you’ve achieved, and the lessons learned. Go through the series of questions presented above to come up with a few stories of your own accomplishments.
  • Submit the Speaker Interest Form
    • When you’ve got a couple wins that you’re really proud of, consider submitting the User Group Speaker Interest Form - its a great way to network and demonstrate thought leadership in the area of automation.


Don’t miss out on an opportunity to inspire other automation leaders - your story is a perfect fit for the Automation Anywhere User Groups.

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