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Pathfinder Community Camp Flight Plan & Tools - Mission #4

Pathfinder Community Camp Flight Plan & Tools  - Mission #4
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[Part of the 1st Annual Pathfinder Community Camp hosted in May 2023] 




The Automation Pathfinder Program is your intergalactic flight map for automation mission success. Developed with over 20 years of first-hand automation expertise across thousands of use cases, each mission is calibrated to serve as your blueprint for best practices to achieve scalable growth, measurable value, and long-term sustainability. We’re here to help you soar beyond RPA to implement and advance intelligent automation initiatives in your business.


This is your mission focus of the day.

Mission #4 - Scale Your Team for Success: You want to expand operational efforts and upskill or certify your new team members in order to thrust your efforts into lightspeed.

🌌 Now Entering The AAU Atmosphere: With Mission #4 focus engaged, we’re activating an Automation Anywhere University takeover sequence to spearhead today’s sessions and activities for upskilling your team and expanding your own knowledge.



This is your command module fully loaded with the critical tools you need for mission success.


🌟 AAU Learning Trails

🌟 AAU Instructor Led Courses

🌟 AAU Certifications

🌟 Developer Challenges

🌟 Bot Games Season 4 Generative AI Edition - Invite Your Team & Join Today!


Don’t get lost in Automation deep space! Take our new Pathfinder Assessment to pinpoint your automation program’s position within the Pathfinder Program roadmap and gain actionable guidance to accelerate your automation thrusters.




This is where we’re helping you put AI to work with additional resources

🔎 Bot Games Challenge #1 

🔎 Flight Plan & Tools Special Generative AI Edition  

🔎 OpenAI Generative AI Package



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