Meetup Recap: Working with DLLs in Automation 360

  • 8 September 2022
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In this session, we discussed about how to create DLLs, how to use them in Automation 360 and their real world applications.



Building a DLL


To build a DLL, you will need access to an IDE such as Visual Studio , knowledge of C# language and the supported data types in DLL functions within the Automation 360 platform.

While creating a DLL in Visual Studio, select the project type Class Library (.Net framework) and the preferred language to build a DLL is C#. Dipendra showed us how to build a simple DLL that can find the minimum and maximum among the 2 input numbers and also from a list of numbers. You can download the DLL code (see attachment) to try it out. Also, you can see the code from the screenshots below.






If you already have existing DLLs built on .NET framework or if you have a team of .NET developers in your team, then you can build powerful DLLs and use them in the Automation Anywhere platform. However, the preferred method to extend Automation 360 platform capabilities is to build native custom Java packages using Automation Anywhere SDK.



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Can we create a DLL using other dll for library?