Imagine 2021 Top Sessions for Developers

  • 27 April 2021
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Imagine 2021 Top Sessions for Developers

If you've previously attended Automation Anywhere Imagine-virtual or any of the Automation Anywhere in-person Imagine events (before COVID) - then you know that it's 3 days packed full of presentations from robotic process automation thought leaders, Automation Anywhere partners, product teams, as well as product demos and tutorials.

This year, Imagine will be taking place virtually May 11-13 (registration for the virtual Imagine event is free!). And while there are many excellent sessions spread out across the 3-day event, we wanted to call out a few that may be of particular interest to the Automation Anywhere developer community to keep an eye out for. Don't limit yourself to only these sessions, but for sure check add the following sessions to your schedule:

Day 1: Republic Airways Soars to Efficiency with Automation 360

CoE Lead and A-Lister, Zeth Baker, takes attendees through the Republic Airway's journey migrating from Automation Anywhere v11 to Automation 360. Migration is a hot topic with RPA developers and those supporting Automation Anywhere customers on v10/v11 - this session is a great way to learn more about the steps Republic Airways has taken to migrate their bots, as well as some impressive efficiency gains they've recognized in the process.

Day 1: Making RPA Conversational with NLP

Smart assistants have made their way into our homes by means of smart speakers, our pockets by means of phones that can listen for our prompts, and wrists by means of intelligent assistants available at the flick of a smartwatch...but what if similar assistance was available at our workplaces - by combining the benefits of virtual assistants, conversational automation, and RPA? Chief Marketing Office from, Adam Devine, leads a session on how these technologies can be combined for impressive back-office process automation.

Day 2: Scale Automation with Ease: Top Tips Every CoE Leader Needs to Know

Robotic process automation is great when it's able to help a specific line of business automate some of their repetitive, mundane tasks. What if that same success was able to be replicated across multiple lines of business? How can organizations best set themselves up to still have governance and control when new business groups are onboarded to a company's RPA program? Senior Director of Customer Journey Marketing at Automation Anywhere, Laura Della Torre, will lead a session on how to create a structured and scalable automation practice that can be efficiently and effectively drive change across your organization.

Day 2: Getting past the hype: A deconstruction of the Automation 360 platform and cloud-native RPA

Not all intelligent automation platforms and not all cloud solutions are created equal. Likewise, a single, integrated, and cloud-native platform is the only way to achieve enterprise-grade, future-proof automation at scale. In this buzzword-break-down session, Saba Mizra from the Product Marketing Team and Steve Shah from the Product Management team break down the advantages of the cloud-native RPA platform, Automation 360.

Day 3: Hyperautomation: Self-Improving Bots

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is great for rule-based tasks where a bot can mimic human actions...but what if we could build a bot that could also mimic human decision-making? In this demo, Developer Evangelist, Micah Smith, takes attendees through a Good process that combines the use of Automation 360 + Bot Insight + AARI + IQ Bot, then demonstrates how that same process could become a Great process by taking advantage of human input in an AARI process to re-train a machine learning model used for loan pre-approval decision making.

Day 3: Building Your First Bots - Tutorial

While many developer portal readers have experience building bots hands-on, some do not. If you're interested in Robotic Process Automation, but not entirely sure where to start, check out this beginners session - designed for people interested in building their very first bots. Jon Steuve and Aaron Gleason take attendees through the process of creating and testing their very first bots using Automation Anywhere Community Edition.

Day 3: Leveraging AARI with Intelligent Automation - Tutorial

AARI is the Automation Anywhere Robotic Interface - serving as a connection for bot and human interactions. In this tutorial, Developer Evangelist, Micah Smith, will take attendees through the process of creating AARI forms, creating an AARI process, and testing/validating an end-to-end process that leverages intelligent automation. If Human in the Loop automation is something you've heard of but have yet to try out, you won't want to miss this session.

Day 3: LIVE Hallway Conversation

Got a question or point of clarification from any of the Day 3 session content? Join us for a live conversation with questions, answers, and conversations with Automation Anywhere experts. This is your opportunity to ask questions, get clarifications, and hear from some of the same presenters from the tech-track sessions. Panelists to include Product Trainer Aaron Gleason, Developer Evangelist Arjun Meda, Training Manager Jon Steuve, and Developer Evangelist Micah Smith among others as we seek to answer all of your RPA related questions.

Imagine 2021 is going to be great. The sessions mentioned above are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to valuable RPA content. If you haven't signed up, you can find the details for the event on the Imagine registration page. We can't wait to see you there!

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