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Getting Started - Citizen developer Journey

  • 9 September 2020
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Welcome to the start of building great intelligent automation! This journey is focused on helping process analysts, business analysts, and process improvement specialists gets started in learning the capabilities of robotic process automation and learning to build their own bots on Automation 360.


Users for this track will tend to have the following profile:

  • Familiar with understanding and documenting of business processes.

  • Comfortable with general problem-solving approaches and creative thinking.

  • May or may not be familiar with creating process flows in a software application.

  • Interested in learning the capabilities and use of robotic process automation to automate manual tasks.


If the above describes you, then let's get things going! This journey is organized into learning experiences that continue to build on each other:

  • What is RPA?:   We’ll give you a quick overview of RPA and Enterprise Automation 360, our web-based RPA platform, and the basics for building on it. Additionally, we’ll get your machine set up with the Bot Agent to enable RPA development and testing.

  • What Can Bots Actually Do?: It's great to know what RPA bots are, but to really understand their value, we need to know what they can do. In this experience, we’ll take a look at what bots can do and how they can be utilized in different areas of an organization.

  • Using Bots to Solve Problems: Problem-solving 101. Learn to systematically approach problems in order to more quickly break them down for automation opportunities.

  • Creating Your First Bot: There’s no better way to learn about building bots than by actually getting hands-on and doing it. In this learning experience, developers will walk through the process of creating their first bots to start their bot-building journey.

  • Control Room Overview: It’s important to understand the web-based Control Room and how that directs the capabilities of the RPA platform. In this exercise we’ll do just that, breaking down the Control Room and the different capabilities therein.

  • Bot Editor Deep Dive: With our first bot already built, let’s take a step back and examine the Bot Editor to better understand how it can be used to build even more complex automations in the future.

  • Variables and DataTypes: Bot builders have the flexibility to store and interact with new types of data as they call subtasks, read from an HTML table, and iterate through CSVs. In this learning experience, we’ll discuss the benefits of using variables and the type of variables that are appropriate for different use cases in Automation 360.

  • Using Loops to Control a Bot: Using loops in Automation 360 allows for developers to control how many times, and under what conditions, actions are run in a repetitive basis. Mastering loops means having full control over your bot's actions and making sure that the bot can dynamically handle a single operation or multiple operations in a single bot run.

  • Exploring Capabilities in Bot Store: Automation Anywhere’s Bot Store offers hundreds of pre-built bots and packages for both Automation 360 as well as Enterprise v11. In this learning experience, we’ll take a look at leveraging the pre-built content available in Bot Store to quickly build complex automations as well as how you can explore Bot Store for inspiration on your next bot build.

  • Where to Get Help: Automation Anywhere provides some excellent resources to help you get unstuck when you find yourself unsure how to solve a particular problem or deal with an issue you’re seeing. In this learning experience, we’ll break down some of the best available resources to get all your issues straightened out.




Reference Items:

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A-People Community Site
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