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  • 9 September 2020
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Overview: Identifying some of the most valuable automation opportunities in an organization requires critical thinking and a creative mindset. Those skills come from experience, as well as an exploration in the ‘Art of the Possible’. In this learning experience, we’ll take a look at how Bot Store can be used to explore pre-built bots and packages to enable developers to accelerate bot builds and branch out on bot capabilities.


As new developers start to find their groove in developing RPA bots, a trap that many developers fall into is thinking that the automations they build in the future have to be similar to the automations they’ve built in the past. Said another way - it’s important that as you’re learning to build bots, you continue to think “outside the box” as far creatively approaching solutions to automation opportunities.


One way to encourage such creative thought is to regularly explore the bots and pre-built packages available in Automation Anywhere’s Bot Store. Bot Store is the world’s largest RPA marketplace - containing several hundred pre-built bots and packages built by process automation and integration specialists. Leveraging Bot Store, developers can expect to accelerate their RPA development up to 70% at half the cost by utilizing pre-built, customizable and reusable bots and packages


To Do


Take a look at Bot Store to review some of the available components - broken down by business process they serve, their categorization, or by the applications they engage with


Beyond being a location for downloading pre-built bots/packages to include in bot builds, Bot Store is also an excellent place for automation ideas and to explore some of the “art of the possible” with RPA.




Check out the following guide to connecting your Automation 360 Control Room to Bot Store.


This includes walkthroughs of the upload to Bot Store process as well as the process of installing Bot Store components into your Automation 360 environment.




Watch the following videos on Bot Store benefits and Automation 360 Integration:





While looking through Bot Stores content - hopefully you were:


Excited - to see pre-built content that can be leveraged in your new or existing bot builds to improve their quality or expand on their capabilities.


Inspired - to see creative problem solving and packages that you may not have known even existed


Motivated - to incorporate Bot Store packages and pre-built bots into your next bot build.


Staying motivated, appropriately challenged, creative are all keys to success in learning to build bots. Whenever you need some extra inspiration, check out Bot Store to see the newest community submissions that can help you explore more of what’s possible with RPA.





AAU Bot Store Learning Trail (v11)


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Reference Items

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