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Catch-up on absolutely everything you need to know from Imagine Austin 2023

  • 17 November 2023
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Catch-up on absolutely everything you need to know from Imagine Austin 2023
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Couldn’t make it to our Imagine event in Austin or join by virtual livestream? Well, we hate to admit you missed out on a jam-packed few days of fired-up automation champions who sparked fresh inspiration on implementing intelligent automation in business. But we’re not here to rub in the FOMO or safeguard the happenings! We want to loop you in on all the juicy session discussions, product announcements, and more that went down. This blog will recap the important moments from Imagine that we want to ensure you don’t miss. Let’s dive in!

  • Keynote Insights
  • Product Announcements
  • Customer Perspectives
  • Pathfinder Panels
  • Bot Games
  • More Session Re-plays


When you think of generative AI for content, you likely think of Google, OpenAI, and Microsoft. When you think of generative AI for work, we want you to think of Automation Anywhere.

Our Automation Anywhere Founder & CEO, Mihir Shukla, kicked off Imagine with a powerful keynote. His message: amid the declining workforce availability, the convergence of automation and AI has created a critical opportunity for businesses to solve the productivity crisis. We’re calling it human to the power of AI.

Here are the big highlights from Mihir’s keynote:

  • World Bank reports that the workforce will shrink 3% this decade. The only way for businesses to compensate for a smaller workforce and still meet the growth imperative is to increase productivity
  • The average enterprise runs 976 applications (often times, many more), accounting for $4.5 trillion—with a T—in IT spend annually. But the actual work happens between these applications. This is why transformation is so difficult!
  • The Automation Success Platform is our system of work with two powerful Co-Pilots—one for business users and one for developers— infused with AI. We’ve now seen competitors follow-up with their own ”co-pilots,” but only our product can be embedded into any application and lifecycle of business transformation from AI-powered process discovery, idea crowdsourcing, RPA, API, document automation, to process orchestration. And it seamlessly scales!

All that to say—now the time to seize the potential of automation and AI, and we have the tools to help you do it.

Product Announcements

The Product Team is always the popular kids of the conference who are bursting with the insider information everyone’s been waiting to hear. This year, the gossip was not surprisingly swirling around generative AI additions, and boy, did we deliver a suite of updates to that end!

  • Responsible AI tools and governance
    The entire Automation Success Platform is now infused with a new layer of Responsible AI, a new set of capabilities and best practices for teams to be able to select and manage generative AI models, test and optimize those models, create and manage reusable templates, mask sensitive data, audit automation performance, and more.
  • Autopilot
    Autopilot is a brand new offering that streamlines the automation development from process understanding to automation deployment. With human validation along the way, Autopilot rapidly generates end-to-end automations based on enterprise process mapping, using the power of generative AI.
  • Enhancements to Document Automation, as well as Automation Co-Pilot for Business Users and Automators
    We’ve expanded the capabilities of these powerful tools with generative AI so they can now work across application boundaries, handle complex workflows and unstructured data, leverage natural language prompts, and adhere to your governance rules.
  • Pathfinder Mission Control - Go further with Pathfinder Mission Control by benchmarking your automation program and creating action plans for growth. Take our in-depth digital assessment and receive action-oriented missions to help your team go from start to scale. And now we’ve created an all-new mission tailored to help you hyperscale with generative AI! So, even if you’ve taken the assessment before, it’s worth revisiting to assess your progress and discover whether our newest mission can help you utilize generative AI to achieve hyperscaled automation.
  • Pathfinder Academy - Automation Anywhere University is now Pathfinder Academy! Our always-free learning hub has been completely revamped to provide you with top-tier learning resources, including Career Quests, role-based training for professional developers, citizen developers, and automation leads, and Skill Boosters, topic-specific training to build knowledge and skills in key areas of automation quickly.


Customer Perspectives

We are always so grateful to our customers who take time to share their automation journey stories with our community. Their unique insights spark automation inspiration in all of us and help us work smarter. Here are just a handful of customer perspectives we don’t want you to miss:

Panels with our Pathfinders

The Pathfinder Program brings automation champions from across the globe together to share stories, challenges, solutions, and resources in one ultimate collaborative community. This year, we summoned some of our fabulous Pathfinder members from a diverse set of industries to Austin for panel discussions that yielded a treasure trove of perspectives and insights.


Imagine Bot Games

What’s an intelligent automation conference without a live automation challenge? Bot Games: Austin Edition took place during Imagine, co-hosted with Google Cloud. There were two different challenges for participants, and everyone showed up to win! In total, we had more than 600 successful automation submissions! Check out the challenge prompts and superstar winners below.

Generative AI Challenge: Participants were asked to create generative AI-powered automations to respond to customer reviews (good and bad) posted on a popular credit card review site, ensuring the appropriate sentient was communicated, and specific criteria like the commenter’s full name and support ticket number were included.

  • Fastest Time Award: Anna DeBolt from TIAA (and one of our MVPs!)
  • First Responder: Sai Madhur Potturu from Zoetis (also one of our MVPs!)

Social Impact Challenge: Inspired by our humanitarian aid efforts in Ukraine, participants were tasked to add the names of individuals in need of shelter, clothing, and other crucial emergency items to the Helping Hands Nonprofit’s relief distribution database. Every participant embraced this challenge with enthusiasm, considering how their skills could be used to support others, and for that we are so proud!

  • Fastest Time Award: Carlos Antonio Vazquez from SYSCOM
  • First Responder Award: David Simmons from iHeartMedia


That’s Not All, Folks

These are our main highlights from the week, but you better believe there is so much more! In the coming weeks, every single session will be uploaded and available to view on-demand in our Imagine hub here. Explore the page and use our helpful filters to find the discussion topic you’re looking for. Still feeling the FOMO? We hope you join us for all the mind-melding fun next year!

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