Bot Store Spotlight: File Conversion Package

  • 27 August 2021
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File Conversion package enables bot builders to quickly and easily convert files from one file format to another to simplify the process of making file adjustments. It consists of 11 actions and supports file formats such as JPEG, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, PDF, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, CSV, and HTML.

Here are a couple of use cases for which you can use this package:

  • Emailing files to customers in a non-editable format for the purposes of a professional-looking output (Microsoft Word to PDF Conversion)
  • Converting large, color images to their grayscale alternatives as color images can often be 10x the size of a grayscale image. (Image to Image conversion)
  • Saving out presentations to be shared with customers or partners (Microsoft Powerpoint to PDF)
  • Converting a file to make modifications more easily (CSV to Microsoft Excel)
  • Breaking up multipage files into single-page files for processing in document recognition or storage solutions (PDF to Image, Image to Image)

NOTE: Converting files (especially complex data files like XSLX/CSV) is not always a perfect science. This package is consuming 3rd party open-source libraries in order to perform the provided conversions. Please make sure that your files are well tested before heavily relying on this package for production conversions. If you run into issues with a particular file not converting as expected, you're encouraged to take a look at the GitHub repo for this project in order to self-support/debug your issue or head over to the discussion forums.


This package enables you to convert files between multiple formats for ease of modification, the distribution/storage of read-only file formats, or for compatibility requirements of other dependent applications.

For more details about different actions in this package, refer to the Bot Store listing page, which also includes the link to a ReadMe file that details how all the actions in the package can be used.

6 replies

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thanks for your efforts,

any idea how to convert html to pdf?

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Hi @azzmi 

As of now there is no inhouse package from AA, this can be achieved using any scripting languages like C#, python and call it in A360

Checkout below link for more info,

Feel free to place a enhancement request with AA by raising a support case.

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Hi @ChanduMohammad 

thank you for your response,

I used python.

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Hi @ChanduMohammad 

thank you for your response,

I used python.

Great @azzmi Would you like to share the code here so it will be helpful for others as well

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hi @ChanduMohammad 

after installing wkhtmltopdf.exe software,

write the following python:

import pdfkit

config = pdfkit.configuration(wkhtmltopdf=”path where you install wkhtmltopdf.exe”)

pdfkit.from_file("path and name of .html file", "path and name of .pdf ", configuration=config)




In file conversion package PDF to Word convertor is converting the file and storing the specified locations but when we are converting more number of  pdfs in that it is not storing in that path but its showing the stored locations path ? why is that any limitations are there for that