Bot Games Season 2: Community Week: Bot Spotlight with Helison Deoclecio from Autoglass

  • 27 April 2022
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During Community Week we're hosting challenges and creating content with members of the Automation Anywhere community and in this one we have Helison Deoclecio as our guest



This video features Helison Deoclecio, an RPA Developer and lover of the IT world. He works at Autoglass, which is a Brazilian company that provides services to the insurance market, offers technology solutions and sells automotive glass and car parts to consumers, workshops and retailers.


He's sharing a recent success story from his organization, with insights on how this process used to be done before automation, as well as how it is done currently now that it is automated. He tells us how he and his team were able to achieve this success, along with the lessons they learned from their previous experience with Bot Games!


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