Product Club FAQs

  • 14 December 2023
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Product Club FAQs
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Welcome to the Pathfinder Community’s Product Club! 


Discover, Engage, and Innovate with Your Product Partners


Join the Pathfinder Community Product Club to connect with our Automation Anywhere Product Team and stay updated on the latest innovations in intelligent automation. Our monthly virtual meetups provide the knowledge and inspiration you need to succeed. Deep dive into a new feature, share feedback and ideas and stay ahead of the curve. 



Program FAQs:


  • What is the Pathfinder Community Product Club?
    • The Pathfinder Community Product Club is a monthly virtual meetup that focuses on Automation Anywhere's latest product innovations. It offers a place for community members to stay informed, connect with product leaders, and gain insights into the latest innovations in the world of intelligent automation.


  • How often does the Product Club meet?
    • Product Club convenes every month on the second Tuesday of each month. This consistent schedule ensures that you can mark your calendar and plan to join us regularly.


  • Where do the Product Club meetings take place?
    • All Product Club meetings are hosted virtually on Zoom, making it accessible to participants from around the world.


  • Who leads the Product Club meetings?
    • Meetings are led by Automation Anywhere's product leaders, who possess extensive knowledge of the company's product features. Our goal is to provide you with the most accurate and relevant information possible.


  • What happens during a typical Product Club meeting?
    • Each meeting follows a structured agenda. It begins with a brief introduction and overview of the topic, followed by a live demo, and then an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session with product leaders. This interactive session includes opportunities for attendees to ask questions, provide feedback, and participate in discussions.


  • Can I suggest topics or request specific content for future meetings?
    • Absolutely! We welcome your suggestions and ideas for topics you'd like to see covered in upcoming Product Club meetings. Your feedback helps us tailor our content to your needs and interests. Email with your suggestions.


  • Is there a fee to attend the Product Club meetings?
    • No, participation in the Product Club is completely free to attend.


  • How do I register for a Product Club meeting?
    • To register for an upcoming Product Club meeting, visit our Community Events page.


  • How can I access recordings of past Product Club meetings?
    • Recordings of meetings will be shared in the Product Club section of our Guides area in the Pathfinder Community. 


  • Can I share the Product Club meeting details with others in my organization or network?
    • Yes! We encourage you to share the details of the Product Club meetings with colleagues, friends, and peers who may find the content valuable. The more, the merrier!


If you have any additional questions or require further information, please feel free to reach out to us via . We look forward to seeing you at our next Product Club meeting! 🚀💡

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