Meet MVP Tamil Thiyagarajan, RPA Developer at Fugro

  • 3 April 2024
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Meet MVP Tamil Thiyagarajan, RPA Developer at Fugro
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You’ve seen them quite often around the Pathfinder-verse, heard them speak at events or virtual meetings, maybe even dialogued with them in a forum thread—they’re our Most Valuable Pathfinders! They are the spark keeping the Pathfinder Community ablaze, so it was about time we took a beat to really get to know each one of our MVPs better and share their unique stories with you!

So without further ado, let’s get to know...


Tamil Thiyagarajan


The Basics

  • Years of Automation Experience: 6 years
  • Current Company: Fugro
  • Official Title: RPA Developer

But this is how Tamil would actually describe what he does: To other professionals, I just tell them I’m an RPA developer, simple as that!

  • Biggest Professional Achievement to date: In 2019 and 2020, Tamil implemented several ideas with IQ Bot in his organization. He was kind enough to share those innovative implementations with the Automation Anywhere IQ Bot team and ended up receiving an award! His other biggest achievement was being selected as an Automation Anywhere MVP. He has enjoyed being an active contributor in the Pathfinder community for the past 3 years, so receiving that official MVP designation is something he holds in high esteem. We are so grateful for you as well, Tamil!


Five Fun Facts

  • His birthday is July 4
  • An adventurous thing he’d like to do is ride in a motorbike rally
  • He'd love a superpower to get from one place to another quickly - whether that's flying or another method
  • If he’s watching TV, he’s watching cricket - he played on the state team for India when he was at university!
  • The place he’d love to travel to next is Melbourne, Australia to see the massive cricket stadium there


Expertise / Specializations


As a seasoned developer, Tamil is obviously a technical whiz, but as a part of a lean automation team, he and his colleagues wear multiple hats to keep their program running smoothly. For Tamil, that means he’s also taken on a business analyst role and, as a result, has honed his business acumen over the last 3.5 years. The area he hasn’t had much experience in and would like to personally develop is leadership.

IQ Bot and Document Automation are the 2 products Tamil uses most often in his daily work. However, looking forward, Tamil is eager to work with Generative AI and API tools to integrate them into his ERP.

If he had one piece of advice for someone new to automation it would be:

“Learn the basics. Learn how the applications you want to automate work end-to-end. From there, Automation Anywhere products are extremely user friendly to help you start automating.”


Tamil in the Community


You can almost always find Tamil responding with his expert advice in our Pathfinder Community forums. He has also cultivated a go-to network of peers on LinkedIn, which he frequents as his sort of news feed full of shared articles and blogs on latest tech updates and product releases in the automation space.

In addition to sharing his wisdom online, Tamil conducts small learning sessions inside his organization to teach people about RPA. These “people” are mostly stakeholders who are interested in understanding how RPA works, what exactly IQ Bot is, and how the program’s automations are performing. However, if someone shows more interest in RPA from these sessions, he will take on additional training and mentorship with them. In his previous organization, Tamil trained a few junior developers and helped them achieve Automation Anywhere Professional RPA certifications. He feels strongly that the Professional RPA certifications carry high value to automation leaders and recommends that every up and coming developer obtain one.

What’s Next for Tamil


Nowadays Tamil is preparing to level up his career to a senior-level technical solution architect or similar role. He wants to get into the nitty gritty of how a CoE should be set-up if a new company were to start from scratch. Also, he plans to continue to be actively engaged with Automation Anywhere and the MVP group. The knowledge-sharing and new perspectives he gains from his fellow MVPs are invaluable, and he genuinely enjoys giving feedback to the Automation Anywhere product team on new releases and updates to help with future improvements and innovations. We couldn’t do it without community members like, Tamil! That’s why he’s one of our most valuable 😉.

Thank you, Tamil, for letting us all get to know you better. And thank you for your continued contributions to our Pathfinder Community!

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