Meet MVP Sai Madhur Potturu, RPA Developer at Zoetis

  • 22 March 2024
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Meet MVP Sai Madhur Potturu, RPA Developer at Zoetis
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You’ve seen them quite often around the Pathfinder-verse, heard them speak at events or virtual meetings, maybe even dialogued with them in a forum thread—they’re our Most Valuable Pathfinders! They are the spark keeping the Pathfinder Community ablaze, so it was about time we took a beat to really get to know each one of our MVPs better and share their unique stories with you!

So without further ado, let’s get to know…

                                Sai Madhur Potturu


The Basics

  • Years of Automation Experience: 5 years
  • Current Company: Zoetis
  • Official Title: RPA Developer

But this is how Sai would actually describe what he does: I build automated solutions for business functions across the entire organization.

  • Biggest Professional Achievement to date: He’s proudest of his work evangelizing RPA in new business functions by helping others understand its role, utility, and importance. So far, Sai and his team have automated across 7-8 departments in their organization, and, as a result, have created some cool, innovative solutions that have saved those teams significant amounts of money.


Fun Facts

  • If he could have any superpower, he’d want to be able to use AI is used in the right way - we love this!
  • His favorite action movie is The Avengers.
  • When he’s feeling adventurous, he likes to travel to new places and take on extreme hikes.
  • On his travel bucket list is to visit all 7 continents in the world.


Expertise / Specializations


In his daily work, Sai often integrates third-party applications through APIs, so one capability he uses the most is REST Web services. However, he’s also recently started to use Document Automation more and more and is finding it very useful for a myriad of use cases. He’d like to hone his development skills to approach use cases with a better strategic end-to-end purview, enabling him to envision one holistic solution from the point of submitting an idea into the CoE Manager and how the entire pipeline process can be streamlined.

If Sai had one piece of advice for someone new to automation it would be:

“RPA has a significant benefit to any industry. Get started from the beginning in your organization and you will undoubtedly see the value. With technologies like generative AI, as well as tools provided by Automation Anywhere, it’s easier than you think to extract value using RPA.”


Sai in the Community


Sai enjoys helping and mentoring up-and-coming RPA developers. He provides guidance to the junior developers under him and dedicates time to interact with fellow developers in community forums. As part of the Automation Anywhere MVP program, he’s looking forward to harnessing the ability to further contribute to others in the industry, as well as learning from his knowledgeable fellow MVPs.

Thank you, Sai, for letting us all get to know you better. And thank you for your continued contributions to our Pathfinder Community!

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