Meet MVP Pat O’Neill, Director & Chief of Staff to CFO at onsemi

  • 16 April 2024
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Meet MVP Pat O’Neill, Director & Chief of Staff to CFO at onsemi
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You’ve seen them quite often around the Pathfinder-verse, heard them speak at events or virtual meetings, maybe even dialogued with them in a forum thread—they’re our Most Valuable Pathfinders! They are the spark keeping the Pathfinder Community ablaze, so it was about time we took a beat to really get to know each one of our MVPs better and share their unique stories with you!

So without further ado, let’s get to know... 


Patrick O’Neill

The Basics

  • Years of Automation Experience: 6 years
  • Current Company: onsemi
  • Official Title: Director & Chief of Staff to CFO

But this is how Patrick would actually describe what he does: I manage multiple accounting groups within our global organization, as well as the RPA development team, and I help with several special projects for the CFO.

  • Biggest Professional Achievement to date: The volume of automated processes Patrick and his RPA team have been able to put into production, which amounts to over 100 in just the past four years, is his biggest professional achievement. In that time, his team has scaled up from simple reporting solutions to more robust transactional automations and processes that cover significant ground in the organization.


Five Fun Facts

  • His favorite movie is Step Brothers - Did we just become best friends?!
  • His birthday is in May.
  • He gets his adrenaline rush from surfing.
  • If he could have a super power, he’d want to be able to teleport.
  • The next place he wants to travel is Tokyo, Japan.


Expertise / Specializations


Patrick says he obtained a solid educational foundation for intelligent automation through AAU courses and now excels at effectively managing his development team. Working together, they are able to develop solutions rather swiftly to begin generating value for the organization. However, he’d like to cultivate an ample pipeline of use cases across onsemi’s global teams. Patrick is also eager to dive into Intelligent Document Processing.

If Patrick had one piece of advice for someone new to automation it would be:

“Be amenable to innovation and change. Keep learning and be willing to push the boundaries of what’s possible. You’ll quickly learn you’re able to improve things even further than you originally thought.”


Patrick in the Community


Patrick enjoys mentoring new people who join his team to give them the foundation and confidence to excel in their roles. As part of the MVP program, he’s looking forward to making new connections, networking, and learning more about the RPA space and how others are leveraging RPA technology and tools.

What’s Next for Patrick


Patrick is looking to leverage his current position under the CFO to work directly with the leadership team more often, better understand what business objectives they’re focused on, and how he can implement strategies to help achieve those.

Thank you, Patrick, for letting us all get to know you better. And thank you for your continued contributions to our Pathfinder Community!

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