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Pathfinder Community FAQs

  • 2 December 2022
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[Google Search Result Error] When I search via Google why do I sometimes receive an error message?  


If you’re searching via Google to hone in on forum content, you may receive an error message alerting you to the fact that the content you’re looking for doesn’t exist. This occurs because, given the evolution of our product and the feedback we’ve received from users, we migrated only the most recent and relevant content into the new Pathfinder Community.

Due to this community-driven decision, when you search via Google, you may, on occasion, get directed to outdated content that was not migrated to our new home. We’re working hard during this community-led building phase of the community to make updates; however, they aren’t immediately indexed by Google.

If this happens please go directly to the community and try your search there. Or, raise a fresh question for feedback in one of our forums - Automation Leaders, Citizen Developers, and Developers - or new groups

We appreciate your patience with these updates and know that your feedback during this phase of our Community launch is critical.

[Community Transition] What has happened to the A-People Forums & Groups and the Developer Portal content?  


I loved my Developer Portal...what happened to the great content and Bot Games challenges there?


The Developer Portal and all of its great content & programming has been fully integrated into the Pathfinder Community - no more extra clicks!


The Developer Evangelism team is super excited to expand it’s offerings with this move!


What about the A-People Forums & Groups?


We’ve moved the latest and greatest content from A-People discussions and groups over to the Pathfinder Community.


Note, we did take this opportunity to initiate a content clean up given the evolution of your automation needs and the Automation Anywhere product portfolio over the last few years. This does mean that posts older than January 2022 and those no longer valid have been retired.


Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as Google Search results are updated and we continue to refine our migrated content over the next few quarters.


Not finding what you need? Ask your question in one of forums - Automation Leaders, Citizen Developers, and Developers - or new groups


[Access] How do I log into the community or create a new account? 


📌 You can use your existing A-People login to access the Pathfinder Community 


✔ Click the orange Login button in the upper right hand corner 

✔ Select Community login 

✔ If you have an existing account - you will be redirected back to the community

✔ If you are new to Automation Anywhere - select Create Account and follow prompts to complete sign up 



[Profile Configurations] How do I configure my profile? 


📌 As a reminder when configuring your profile please keep in mind this is a professional community and all Pathfinder Community Guidelines must be followed. 



✔ Click your profile avatar in the upper right hand corner (next to the New Post button) 

✔ There are two options to access your profile settings: 

  • Option 1 - Select Settings (bottom of the list) - this will get you there directly 
  • Option 2 - Select My profile and then click the orange Edit Profile button under your profile avatar 


Add a Profile Picture 


✔ Follow “Navigate to Your Profile Settings” steps above 

✔ Click the Edit button next to profile image avatar 

✔ Follow the prompt to size your image and select Apply to publish 


Update Your Profile Fields 


✔ Follow “Navigate to Your Profile Settings” steps above 

✔  Complete open fields - note these are not mandatory and will display publicly 


Configure Your Subscription, Email Notification & Community Inbox Message Settings 


📌 You have the ability to subscribe to individual content items and certain community areas like Blogs & Product Updates to receive real time email notifications when updates are published 


✔ Follow “Navigate to Your Profile Settings” steps above 

✔  Select the Settings tab above your profile avatar 

✔  Configure settings to your preference



[Badges]  How do I earn badges? 


We have you covered - check out Introducing badges: level up your peers! in our Guides > Community Updates section. 



​​​​​​​[Groups]  I would like to start a group - how do I do it? 


Email and share your group idea. 



[Community Pre-Launch] Where can I learn more about how to get involved in Pathfinder Community Pre-Launch engagements? 


The Automation Anywhere Community & University Team invites you to put on your construction hard hat and climb up the scaffolding with us. Join the effort to build the next chapter of our community experience, specifically designed to fit your growing needs.

This is an effort led by YOU and all of our community members. There’s simply no one better to oversee construction of this life-long destination where you can connect, learn, and transform on the Automation Success Platform. Put simply: you’re central to the development process.


See how you can get involved here: The Pathfinder Community is your home. Help us build it! 



[Support Tickets] Where do I go to submit a support ticket?  


A-People will continue to serve as your destination for all support tickets and knowledge base access, with no disruption in service.

For any questions regarding support portal access, please connect with your account representative or customer success manager.



What questions did we miss? Reply and share! ​​​​​​​

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Worst update ever, now we cannot locate any of the forum posts from Google. 

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Hello @Chris 621 - it is so great to meet you! Thank you for sharing your feedback, it is greatly appreciated.

I am sorry about the inconvenience you are experiencing as Google SEO catches up with our newest updates. It was a community driven decision to migrate only the most recent and relevant content to our new space.

I would love learn more about specific topics of interest you are interested in exploring and have reached out directly via email. 

As we build our new space, the Pathfinder Community Team is actively seeking feedback and ideas via including specific topics of interest. 




How can I go about submitting product ideas? 

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How can I update my profile name? I don’t see an option in the Profile settings.