Why is my bot unable to handle a CSV file that has 42,000 rows and 12 columns?

  • 18 May 2022
  • 1 reply

Currently I'm building a bot that handles large amounts of data. My bot ends up timing out when it runs the 'CSV/TXT: Read' action. When I read a similar file with 20,000 rows and 12 columns it is able to read it within a minute.


Is the problem I'm having due to the limitations of the data table variable? Or is the problem have to do with the CSV file. If it is the CSV file, does anyone know a good workaround to being able to read such a huge file?


Thank you in advance!

1 reply

You can use read CSV as database method. Drivers for the same are available online . Just install and connect. Then you can use the CSV data by select query and then use for each row in a dataset column. Also applicable as Excel as database. ​