Why I cannot untie an Unattended license from AAV11?

  • 12 January 2022
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I have a BOT in a server, the license of this BOT is Unattended and I will not use anymore, so I need to untie that license from that AAV11 client. I did all the steps to untie the license but nothing works. Besides, the control room shows me this error.

image.pngI did all the points that mention, but nothig works. Can you help me pls?

3 replies

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Hi @Laura Rodriguez​ ,


There may be stale entries in the CR database JobExecutions table. Its not recommended to make any manual changes to the DB directly without AA support engineer. But you may query the JobExecution table for activity_status as Started, Inprogress, Paused and Unknown for the BotRunner account we trying to reallocate the license.


I'd recommend opening a support ticket with AA using below link>

HI @ChanduMohammad S​ 


In the CR database JobExecutions Table, I found the activity_status


and the messages is the same


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Hi @Laura Rodriguez​ ,


Yes please connect with AA Support team and they can clear this entry from DB for resolution.