Where are IQBOT Invalid document reason codes logged?

  • 9 March 2022
  • 3 replies

In IQBOT validation, when a document is marked Invalid, a popup allows to select a reason. Where are those invalid reasons logged for further analysis?  The invalid file is in OUTOUT->Invalid, but I where is the reason code?

3 replies

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The invalid reasons are stored in a database.

There is a database called File Manager, the table is Visionbot - you can find here all the details ( Who validated, reasons, how many fields missing while validating...etc)

Do you know if this available in v11.3.x or only A360?

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Yes, It's the same for v11.3 and A360.

Please note, you can't check these details in cloud version of A360 because we do not have access to the database which is hosted in the AA cloud.