When I upload a .xlsx file to Google Drive via AA360, it does not get converted to Google Sheets format.

  • 31 January 2022
  • 1 reply

I have set my profile to autoconvert uploaded files to Google Sheets format and when I do this manually, it works great. However, when I upload the file using the AA GoogleDrive package, the uploaded file retains the .xlsx format.


I use the same username/account, the only thing that seems to be different is the "Created" column in the uploaded file:


When I upload it manually, it says that is created by "Google Sheets" when I upload it via AA google drive package, it says it is created by my username.


Is this intended functionality, am I doing something wrong?

1 reply

So it would appear that when AA uploads an excel file to google drive, the file doesn't get automatically converted to GSHEET. This will only happen when you drag and drop the file via the google drive UI.


One of the solutions is to use some script (e.g. python) to transform the file~