What should be the hosting location of bot creator machines?

Hi, where should we host the bot creator machines? Is it mandatory for the bot creator machines to be in the same network as the control room and bot runner server? Or can we have bot creator machines outside this network? Since bot creators are used by people who build bots, they are very likely to use their own laptops to build bots but the control room and bot runner could be in their production environment (datacenter or cloud). What is the best practice, what is economical and what is the minimum mandated requirement by Automation Anywhere?

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Hello @Pradeep Raj​ , It's okay if the Bot Creator is in a different network or subnet but the Control Room should be accessible from the Bot Creator machine. From a hardware perspective, it should have a minimum of 8GB RAM and 4 Core CPUs.

Thank you @Sajith Sudhakaran​