What is the option to capture multiple page content in IQBot

  • 23 September 2022
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I need to capture 2 pages of content for a particular field using IQBot. Please suggest what is the solution.


Ex: Description for field is available in 1st page with a paragraph and its also available in the 2nd page without any field tagged.


Its a continuation of 1st page. How to capture the content for a single field?


Please suggest.

3 replies

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Its only for a single field which is extended to next page.


There is a tag it says continued 2nd page.


Have shared a screenshot:



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Hi @Ranjit Nayak​ 


Is possible to share the PDF file here?


Would you like to capture the single field value or multiple values?

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You can achieve this using the Table/Repeated Form field options,


The mentioned option will help you extract each line value from the PDF. the extracted values are stored on the . CSV file,


Please use the CSV/TXT Package and String Package to extract the required data.