What is the best way to compare versions between what is in Public compared to Production Control Room?

  • 27 March 2024
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We currently do not have a Sandbox environment. Most of the time, our Public Control Room matches the Production Control Room. There have been times where we have noticed the two CRs have bots with different versions unexpectedly (e.g., we did not push something to Production so it sat in Public). What is the best way to compare tasks/module versions in Production versus what is in Public?


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3 replies

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Hi AnalystCallen,

Are you referring Dev Public as Public, because production as well has public folder.

if there is a different versions between Dev CR and Production CR, then it is possible to see a difference in package default version b/w dev and PROD control room.


In both CR’s, Navigate to Manage → Packages; then you can compare the default version in both are same or not, and can take appropriate actions

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Thank you! Yes, public as DEV public. It looks like this is specific to package versions, but I’m looking to see differences between actual bot builds that are in DEV versus PROD CRs. Is there a clean/efficient way to compare to see if the bot that is in one CR matches exactly to a bot in another CR?

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One simple way is, try to export the BOT form both the environments. During export process it will list all the packages which are used by BOT with versions under ‘Select Packages’ section. In that screen you can compare the versions.

 If not even after exporting the BOT with packages, we can see the package version references in manifest file