We created credential vault and assigned username and password but the bot does not pull the data in the code. Checked the bot picks up the attributes but not the values.It is user provided credentials. The credentials is on the control room. Help ne

  • 2 March 2022
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This is for A360 cloud version

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Hi @Mauritz Ysselsteyn​ ,


When you tag a credential as User-Provided, a mail is sent and the user has to click on the link and provide the details.


Has this been done?


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Ashwin A.K

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Hi @Mauritz Ysselsteyn​ ,


Since its a user-provided attribute, when the credential is added to a locker, an email will be sent to the “Consumers” of the locker. They will be asked to input their information into this field.


Alternate way,


Navigate to Credential Requests >> you will find the credential which needs the value to be provided by the user >> Click on 3 dots Edit the Credential and provide the respective attribute values for User Name and password and save >> Run the bot you should see the values flowing in.


Cred Requests 

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great thank you

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Welcome @Mauritz Ysselsteyn​ 


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ChanduMohammad S

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thanks have updated that now on specific user profile now it is working thanks.