Wait for sceen change and wait for condition(window is found in window) does not work as expected. What could be the reason?

  • 7 March 2024
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I capture the screen for wait for screen change, after that  i want it to go to next action.

But it does not understand the screen change action, it just waits as much as i put there in seconds.

Also wait for condition - image recognition-window found in window not work.

I dont get any error, it just does not do what i want

Has anyone had this issue?


Best answer by Semih 3318 14 March 2024, 17:46

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4 replies

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I have a similar problem with the Wait for Condition Recorder Object “Does not exist”. I have the action after an action that clicks submit and I don’t want the bot to go to the next action because the next web page takes a while to load so I want to wait for certain object to not exist.

The Wait for Condition Does not exist action does not timeout and trigger an error. If the object does not go away within the timeout of 15 seconds, the correct behavior should be to trigger a timeout error, but nothing happens. 

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@joe_zuniga it seems like a bug. I will raise ticket for it, but wanted to ask before raising ticket if there is anyone else who solved the issue

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@Semih 3318 , Yes, thank you for submitting the ticket.

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@joe_zuniga  Hello,  to downgrade the wait for screen change package works. You may try downgrading your package version, if you want we can look at it together